Jon Roley…er…Duvall?


By Lordus Sapiens — Feeling superior to another twat.

Jon R. Duvall — Fake Black Belt, Fake Ninja…Master Larper (belt purchased on the AWMA website for $9.99)

I’m sure readers of this blog remember fake ninja and wannabe podcaster and social media influencer and magnate Jon Duvall.

Jon is essentially a child in a man’s body. I really have to wonder about people like Jon who work so hard to involve themselves in what most serious people consider to be serious business (martial arts) only to demonstrate a child’s maturity when they are called out for dishonesty and outright fraud.

“I know you are, but what am I?”


I don’t know…as someone approach his 60’s, somehow I expect someone in his 30’s, like Duvall (I’m pretty sure he’s in his 30’s, but it’s hard to gauge sometimes), to be past a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse level of discourse. By the lowest criteria imaginable, Duvall is a “man,” right? He has a penis (it’s rumored, anyway), and he’s of voting age. Sadly, I have nephews barely in their teens that make Duvall look like a spoiled toddler hopped up on sugar puffs in terms of his social and emotional development.

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Richard Hackworth is NOT the head of the World Hapkido Union (in the USA or Anywhere Else)


By Lordus Sapiens — Why Richard Hackworth is still allowed to operate in the martial arts will forever be a mystery to me.

So, not long ago, Richard Hackworth posted the following video on his World Hapkido Union Facebook page:

In the video, Hackwork articulates his promises as GENERAL MANAGER of the World Hapkido Union (WHU) to the members (and world at large) as if he is the head of the organization. Elsewhere, Hackworth is projecting that he is now head of the World Hapkido Union, and I’ve already seen a couple instances where he has referred to himself, and others have referred to him, as “doju,” of the organization.

But he isn’t.

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Ronald “Chris” Garland, Richard Hackworth, the World Hapkido Union…and a Pig’s Ball Sack


By Lordus Sapiens — I was going to post an actual picture of a pig’s ball sack, but after an hour of looking on the internet, I couldn’t find one as hideous as Hackworth’s face, so I gave up.

A while back, it was reported that noted Hapkido master Ronald “Chris” Garland and martial arts fucktard, fraud, and scumbag Richard Hackworth were working together to promote the “World Hapkido Union” in the USA. Another in a long line of efforts to unify and promote Hapkido in this country, I initially declared that the WHU was doomed to fail because of the affiliation with Richard Hackworth.

All indicators seem to indicate that I’m right.

Many people at the time warned Garland that Hackworth was a scumbag of the first order and that he (Garland) was a fool to be involved with him (Hackworth). Garland was convinced that Hackworth’s “network” and “media resources” would be of use to him and so, like lots of martial arts “grand masters” do, Garland let his own ego convince him that he could control Hackworth.


Yeah…that was never going to happen.

And so, over the past year or so there has been a lot of back and forth and drama regarding the WHU as they fought over control of the organization. For a while they worked together and Richard installed his usual cast of clowns, cronies, and dipshits in all the “leadership” positions in this “organization,” so that Hackworth could run things without question or opposition (his M.O. with all his fake organizations). Then, it looked like there was a purge and Hackworth and all his sycophants and sock puppets disappeared for a while. Now Garland appears to be out and Hackworth is back in, proclaiming to be the “general manager” of the organization…and then this video of Garland having a meltdown and begging Hackworth for mercy pops up just in time for Christmas…

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Dangerous Waters MMA and the $2,000 Food Bank Challenge


Judo instructor Tim Waters

By Lordus Sapiens — I must be bored beyond belief…

I’ve gotta tell ya…I’ve been really bored lately as far as the martial arts fraud-o-sphere goes. There’s just not much going on. Nothing really interesting, anyway.

It almost makes me look forward to Ron “Pedobear” Collins’ release date.

But that’s kinda boring, too.


But wait…what is THIS? Possible martial arts fraud and drama in Wyoming? A clearly unhinged, 60-year-old Judo instructor challenging a 61-year-old Taekwondo instructor to a fight with the loser promising to donate $2,000.00 to the local food bank? Inappropriate teacher-student relationships? Accusations of slander, abuse, and assault? Wild claims, fabricated “evidence,” people walking around the park holding up inflammatory signs while children practice their poomsae?

Okay…this might be interesting…

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Bohdi Sanders Eulogizes Richard Hallman…And It’s Quite The Pity Party (As Usual)


By Lordus Sapiens — I think I’m tearing up a bit here.

“A real organization does not offer people rank when they have never met them before.”

Bohdi Sanders in response to USAdojo’s examination of his fraudulent rank claims.

It’s usually a sad thing when someone dies.

And unless the dead person is some kid of monster, we should try to be respectful of their discorporation or passing, depending on what you believe.

Richard Hallman has died. He was some sort of martial artist or enthusiast. It’s likely he would have never have crossed my radar if not for his inappropriate “elevation” of Bohdi Sanders a couple of years ago to “the rank of Shihan” as Bohdi likes to put it, over and over again, to anyone who might listen, even to this day.

In the context of this blog, Hallman’s sin was being involved in some rank circle-jerk fuckery with Bohdi and the now defunct “United States Soke Council,” claiming a dubious martial arts history that didn’t stand up to even light scrutiny, and purchasing his “soke” title from a Chinese man who advertised in the back pages of Black Belt Magazine and then disappeared like a fart in the wind.

Oh well.

I don’t think Hallman ever hurt anyone beyond helping erode the overall credibility and integrity of martial arts like so many other people, so let’s let him rest in peace. There’s nothing to be gained from examining his legacy in detail. If you want to, go read this: Article on Hallman.

I always thought that Hallman — whom Bohdi never met in person — was just a guy looking to make martial arts connections online in his old age, who liked Bohdi’s “wisdom warrior” nonsense, and got caught up in Bohdi’s efforts to create fake credentials that he hoped to pass off to people so that he could claim to be some sort of master martial artist himself. Bohdi used Hallman, for which Hallman had to endure a little well-deserved embarrassment.

That’s it in a nutshell. Another in a long list of disposable Facebook “friends” that Bohdi has used or tried to use over the years.

Sadly, in death, Bohdi is still using this guy.

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The Real Sojiro Hatake Stands Up


Guest Blog by Don Roley

Sadly, the martial arts world is filled with crazies and worse. One crazy goes by the name Sojiro Hatake. Of course, that isn’t his real name, just the one he hides behind. This blog by Lordus has dealt with “Sojiro” a few times, but it made a mistake in who he really is. Time to correct that mistake.

A lot of people believed that “Sojiro” was really a guy named Garret Tilly. I was never convinced. Garret was a young, emotionally unbalanced kid that got kicked out of a group for being a complete asshole. It was then that “Sojiro” stepped up and threatened the administrators unless he was let back in. Hence, people concluded that they were the same person, especially since so many of their friends on Facebook were also friends with the other.

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Jon R. Duvall — Yet Another Ego-Maniacal, Deluded, Self-Entitled Fake Ninja


Jon R. Duvall…more proof that all it takes is a credit card and a AWMA account to be a black belt.

By Lordus Sapiens — Get the fuck OFF my lawn, you little shit!

A modern phenomenon that I see frequently among, say, people in their thirties and younger revolves around unjustifiable levels of self-esteem and the tendency they seem to have to believe they are way more capable and accomplished than they really are. Decades of “every child is a winner,” trophies for last place, and having their self-esteem inflated to Graf Zeplin-like proportions by well-meaning people…it’s all produced a couple generations of Americans who live their lives with zero respect for the wisdom and experience of previous generations, who grossly overestimate their own knowledge and abilities, and who could all collectively probably use a good old fashioned beat-down.

Yeah…I know I’m sounding like that “get off my lawn” guy, but it’s the only way I can explain a dumbshit like Jon R. Duvall.

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Martin Pedata and…Christian Krav Maga?


“M’yased” Martin Pedata holding up his “Combat Krav Maga” founders credentials issued by the “Kick for Christ Federation” a Christian martial arts group out of Wyoming, MI.

By Lordus Sapiens — Bow to your Monkey Lord and Savior.

“Christian” martial arts.

Two things that obviously go together…like a big mouth full of peanut butter and dog shit.

So fucking stupid.

I lead with dog shit because I can’t talk about Florida attorney and “Combat Krav Maga” founder Martin Pedata without talking about the phenomenon of “Christian martial arts,” which I find to be stupefyingly stupid on its face…

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Gordon and Hatfield Defamation Lawsuit in Florida


By Lordus Sapiens — Call me “Esquire.”

Old news by now, really…but it appears I have been named in a lawsuit.

Bret Gordon and Steven Hatfield (via their attorney, Martin Pedata) have filed a defamation lawsuit in Florida against a number of parties for which I have been named as a defendant.

Upon hearing about the initial filing, I have to admit that I didn’t take it all that seriously, and I honestly doubted anyone would ever be served. I mean, to prove defamation, they would have to prove that all their claims are true, which, of course, they can’t…so it seemed to me to be little more than a bully tactic and the impotent thrashing of a couple of frauds.

Imagine my surprise when someone actually got served.

Are they really this stupid?

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Bret Gordon Responds to the Destruction of his “Founder” (Rebuttal of the Rebuttal)


Bret Gordon…martial arts fantacist.

By Lordus Sapiens — That’s a lot of (re)butt(al)s…

Well, Bret Gordon finally posted a response to my article on Sirbaugh that destroyed all of their claims regarding the background and history of their supposed “founder” William David Sibaugh.

Is it me, or is Gordon becoming less and less coherent over time?

In his recent blog titled “How Low Can You Go?” Gordon doesn’t really even seem to be giving it his best effort. While his standard cherry-picking, petulant whining, alternate facts, and attempts at learned pontification are evident, it seems to be a tired exercise. I guess this is how he responds to being caught in a raft of lies so overwhelming and inescapable that stepping off and drowning in all this bullshit is the only option left.

Sirbaugh is where they placed a lot of their bets. The bet was called, and it turned out they had an extremely weak hand. Interestingly enough, here’s what Gordon had to say about it:

There’s a fair amount to unpack from Gordon’s rebuttal. It’s just easier to examine Gordon’s most recent rambling point by point, so let’s get started:

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Bret Gordon and The Art of the Dick-Tuck


By Lordus Sapiens — It puts the lotion on it’s skin…

I’m not always sure what to make of internet challenges in the context of martial arts fraud.

Say you claim to be a 28-year-old martial arts founder and inheritor of multiple martial arts with high ranks in a number of martial arts. I do some research on you and find evidence that (1) you are a part of multiple martial arts circle-jerks that are trading paper like party favors, and (2) that none of your fanciful tales concerning your lineage pan out (and the supposed source of at least two of your styles/organizations was in prison when all his stuff was supposed to be happening) which suggests you made it all up, so I present my evidence and call you a liar.

What is the solution?

The solution is that you present your proof — documentation that holds up to close examination, and verifiable first-person accounts and testimonials — to shut me up, prove me wrong, and send me scurrying back down the hole from whence I came.

What you don’t do, what doesn’t make sense…is to challenge me to a fight.

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Steven Hatfield and Bret Gordon…Meet Your FOUNDER


By Lordus Sapiens — an “historian,” of sorts, but finds the phrase “living historian” pretentious, nonsensical, and…well…kinda dumb, really.

The “legitimacy” of Steven Hatfield (and by extension, Bret Gordon), and the plausibility of Bret Gordon’s and Steven Hatfield’s various and ever-changing “histories” regarding their training, arts, and organizations mostly rests on the claimed existence and historical backgrounds of three men:

William Sirbaugh, Shune Davis, and Hasaka Yutashi.

After months and numerous people putting considerable effort into, at minimum, just verifying the mere existence of Shune Davis and Hasaka Yutashi, NOTHING whatsoever has been found.

Most knowledgeable people have concluded that Shune Davis and Hasaka Yutashi never existed. Bret Gordon claims to have irrefutable evidence of their existence and credentials but refuses to bring it into the light. This leaves me with no choice but to conclude that Gordon and Hatfield are lying, and that they fabricated these men, their back stories, and their credentials.

Hatfield’s claimed stepfather, William David Sirbaugh, however, most certainly DID exist (at least until his death in 2009), and it is Hatfield’s and Gordon’s ever-changing claims about Sirbaugh’s life and martial arts history that provides the “glue” that holds Hatfield’s elaborate martial arts background and claims together. To hear them tell it, Sirbaugh had a career in martial arts worthy of being a founder of multiple martial arts…

But did he?

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Say My Name…


By Lordus Sapiens — Also known as “one of our detractors.”

Well, Bret is at it again.

So, Bret wrote a blog regarding supposed “familial disputes” in the sphere of all things “American Jidokwan.” If I was to succinctly summarize its content, I would describe it as a long-winded “fuck you” to GM E.A. Fuzy’s widow and black belts and the current board of the organization he left behind who are upset about Gordon’s and Hatfield’s attempts to appropriate (in whole or part) Fuzy’s legacy.

The fabrication and wordsmithing is almost impressive, but there are a couple of things about his latest that stand out to me.

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Bret Gordon and Steven Hatfield face a little TRUTH


Sensei Charles Brown responds to questions regarding Bret Gordon’s and Steven Hatfield’s American Ji Do Kwan claims…

Gordon receiving yet more paper from Hatfield…

By Lordus Sapiens — Feeling a little inspired.

Sometime between approximately 2012 and 2017, Steven Hatfield and Bret Gordon began work on what would emerge and become their version of the “American Jidokwan Association.” Up until that time (based on archived pages from Hatfield’s Ryu-Sakura-Do Karate Federation, including his bio), there had never been any mention of Ji Do Kwan. How or why they decided to fabricate and claim a Ji Do Kwan history, and then create an organization around it, is known only to them, but it appears to have likely happened after (and to exploit) American Ji Do Kwan founder E. A. Fuzy’s death.

While there is nothing stopping Hatfield and Gordon from forming their Ji Do Kwan organization and calling it whatever they want, they obviously felt that it was important that they somehow connected their organization to a known figure. They chose GM E. A. Fuzy, who is well known in Hatfield’s home state of Ohio for his work from the 1970’s to 2015 to promote Ji Do Kwan that led to the eventual development of “American JiDo Kwan” in the 1990’s.

Current American Ji Do Kwan board member Edward Mathna (left) with American Ji Do Kwan founder E. A. Fuzy.

Fuzy’s American Ji Do Kwan still exists under the leadership of a board comprised of his senior black belts and his surviving wife, Master Mary Kay Fuzy.

The “connection” to GM Fuzy’s legacy and American Ji Do Kwan that they have been trying to use to assert their claims reside in two men – Steven Hatfield’s step-father, William Sirbaugh, and an instructor whose existence is unproven, Shune Yung Davis – who Hatfield and Gordon claim helped Fuzy develop American Ji Do Kwan. This claim was initially dubious at best, and in light of Hatfield’s and Gordon’s repeated revision of their claims, is almost certainly a complete fabrication.

When I began investigating Steven Hatfield’s fraudulent Judo claims, Bret Gordon inserted himself into the “discussion” and he and I had an email exchange in which he was clearly trying to dissuade me from looking into Hatfield’s background. Their “American Jidokwan Association” and related claims were a part of that exchange and Gordon intimated to me that a Sensei Charles “Buddy” Brown had provided him with information that supported their claims that was also critical of GM Fuzy and his (Fuzy’s) claims regarding the development of American Ji Do Kwan. As the situation has developed, Gordon has consistently insisted that Sensei Brown’s statements to him corroborate their account and support their claims:

“Now, an article has recently been published that includes an interview with one of Fuzy’s students named Edward Mathna. Mr. Mathna states that the history of American Jidokwan as we have presented is a fabrication as he has never heard of Sirbaugh or Davis, to which I respond that the testimony of one person who appears to be very vested in keeping Fuzy’s legacy and reputation intact is not the most reliable when it comes to either dispelling or perpetuating the facts that Fuzy presented. Far too many people take their instructor’s word at face value as it is. But furthermore, one person or even a small group of people saying they have never heard of someone is far from conclusive. 

Rather, I’d like to present another student of Fuzy that can corroborate our history, who knew William Sirbaugh personally and has spoken to both Hatfield sensei and myself about American Jidokwan history on numerous occasions.

Charles “Buddy” Brown was a student of E.A. Fuzy’s from the early 1970s right up until the latter’s death, holding the rank of 7th Dan in “Ji Do Kwan Kong Soo Do.” He is also heavily active in promoting the Koroshi School of Defense where I believe he also holds high rank. I first spoke to Mr. Brown in 2018 and as someone active who was highly active in the Ohio martial arts community, it was refreshing to hear him talk about our shared and common history as brothers in American Jidokwan…” 

Bret Gordon from his USAMA blog post on the matter

Following my interview with American Ji Do Kwan board member and Fuzy black belt Edward Mathna, contact with Sensei Brown was established to get to the truth.

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Bret Gordon, Steven Hatfield, and How I’m Making Better Liars out of Frauds


By Lordus Sapiens — Ouch! I think I have whiplash!

Bret Gordon is a busy bee. Over the span of 24 hours or so, he has, yet again, re-written the history of his and Hatfield’s “American Jodokwan Association.”

I don’t think he’s even trying to hide the fact that he is making it all up now.

One of the dangers of outing frauds is that you might inadvertently turn them into better frauds and liars in the process of exposing them.

Well, Bret’s trying…he’s trying really, really hard…to be a better liar.

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Dissonance and Deception, Bret Gordon, and American Ji Do Kwan


By Lordus Sapiens — Knows how to make a screen shot and turn it into a money shot.

It’s always amusing, and somewhat embarrassing, to watch someone misuse or misapply a fancy (what my grandma would have called “ten-dollar”) term in an effort to look “smart.” In Bret Gordon’s panic-fueled, land-speed record rebuttal to my last article dealing with issues surrounding his and Hatfield’s version of American Jidokwan and the “Patrick Justice Situation,” he threw out “cognitive dissonance.” Apparently he thinks I am experiencing “cognitive dissonance” where he and Hatfield are concerned. Well, let’s take a quick look at “cognitive dissonance,” shall we?

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Bret Gordon, Steven Hatfield, Child Rape and the REAL American Ji Do Kwan Association (not necessarily in that order)


By Lordus Sapiens — Still knows who his daddy is.

A few weeks ago while I was doing some housekeeping chores, I took a look at feedback messages for this blog (I have to admit that I don’t check them as often as I should) and found this message:


Of course, I’m not an idiot, so based on my research, I have long been certain beyond any reasonable doubt that the claims made by Bret Gordon and Steven Hatfield regarding their American Jidokwon Association are complete fabrications.

Of course, it would be nice to have more than my analysis and common sense to fall back on to support my conclusions.

American Ji Do Kwan founder, Grandmaster E.A. Fuzy.

Thanks to the fact that the (dead) man that Hatfield and Gordon are using to create the appearance of ties to legitimacy — E. A. Fuzy — was not only well known in the Taekwondo/Ji Do Kwan world, but also carefully documented the history of the American Jid Do Kwon Association and made his account freely available online, I knew that there were probably black belts out there, still living students of Fuzy, who might be able to shed some light on Hatfield and Gordon’s claims and the current status of Fuzy’s organization. I was familiar with the Name “Edward Mathna” because it is prominently listed in the acknowledgements of Fuzy’s history of the organization:

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Thomas Daw: Mental Illness and Fraud in the Martial Arts


Prepare for the self-inflicted nut-shot…

By Lordus Sapiens — One flew East, one flew West, one flew over the…

Lately I’ve been encouraged to go down the rabbit hole to look into the glory that is Thomas Daw.

Low hanging fruit to be sure…but what the hell.

Daw, if you don’t know, is a martial arts fraud from the UK. He’s interesting because not only does he check all the fraud boxes, he doesn’t even seem to try very hard to look legit. His story and his “stuff” and his organization are so lame that I honestly sometimes wonder if he’s just “taking the piss” (am I using that right?) with the martial arts world at large. For a normal person, you would have to try really, really, really hard to look this foolish, this bad, and this fake.

Sadly, I know better.

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This Shit Amused Me


By Lordus Sapiens — I just love it when someone from another country calls me a twat.

So, occasionally someone actually sends me a message through the form on the Contact page on this blog.

Usually it’s people telling me how awesome I am.

Sometimes the messages are desperate pleas for spelling and grammar help.

But my favorites are the ones where the author thinks he’s going to teach me something I don’t know, and then proceeds to demonstrate how little knowledge he has managed to glean about martial arts while eating Cheetos, drinking Mountain Dew, and masturbating to Japanese tentacle porn in his mom’s basement (if I had known the pandemic was going to happen, I definitely would have invested in hand lotion and Kleenex tissues).

I thought I would share these love letters I received yesterday. Funny thing…they are both from the exact same IP address in England, but attributed to two different names and email addresses…both of which (surprise, surprise) are almost certainly fakes:

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Yo, Bret! You Wanna Be A Video Star?


By Lordus Sapiens — You need a shovel…you really do…

I have a few things to say about Bret Gordon’s latest attempt to gloss over the “Patrick Justice” situation, however, before I do, I have been asked by blogger Gerald Greysmith to post the following, so let’s lead with that:

Dear Bret,

In regards to the situation regarding the “PSA” on Patrick Justice, as a social worker and former investigator for CPS services I will address some major concerns here for Bret Gordon per our emails this morning.

Let me start by saying our missives were cordial and Mr. Gordon seems determined to find a way to resolve this issue with regards to Mr. Justice. My first and foremost declaration is that I want him to be honest and open about this entire issue. He is a martial arts instructor (or claims to be) and maintains the title of “Kaiso,” or sect founder. With that declaration he brings upon himself much scrutiny and much more responsibility. This responsibility lies with utmost importance to the safety and well-being of any students he or his teacher, Steven Hatfield, have.

Throughout my research into the organizations and training of Mr. Gordon I have found many discrepancies which he has tried to explain away to include this latest one with Justice. I have been told as early as today by Gordon that he simply forgot to remove him from a page yet on the day after I asked a question about Justice he ran forward and deleted all evidence of Justice from his AJA site. It is noteworthy that he has told me in the past this position was kept for the use of verifying the history of their organization. It seems this was not in fact needed at all as he immediately within hours of my inquiry deleted him with no issue.

To this point Gordon has begun what has been called damage control by many and I cannot dispute that. I will offer the suggestion that this is his and his teacher’s way of trying to smooth over the issue in as much as having Justice, a convicted sex offender, in a place of prominence on their webpage regarding their Jidokwan Association. I will further state that in regards to this Gordon has swept all evidence of his being there away to turn and offer up a message written by Justice after he informed me via email he did not know where he was, what his registration status is, nothing. From a protective services angle due to the fact you have children in your classes both in Florida and in Ohio having a convicted sex offender offer a character reference is at best dubious. It shows you knew where to find him in my opinion though you state that he reached out to you. Thereby he knew how to reach to you. From a personal standpoint I feel you should have been public with this information as a year later you ensured to put a PSA out on another person who attempted to register with your organization. On that situation you did indeed do the right thing. However you still hid the facts as they were about Justice.

Lordus Sapiens has posited in theory this was to legitimize your association further through the gaining of more legitimate ranks. This may be true and from the appearance of all things as they are now I am inclined to believe this. I want to add that in your recent blog you say you had no duty to report his situation to the authorities. I will counter that by saying you consider yourself a teacher and in some respects that would mean you are an “educator.” You hold a public position and have access to a vulnerable population: children. You knew the situation with Justice and did not take any actions after the fact due to what both Lordus and myself believe to be the fact, he was your teacher’s friend.

With that said Gordon you have sent me a Facebook message now and opened communications in a public way. You have asked me what it will take to resolve this issue. I am prepared to enter into a public debate that will be recorded on a video chat or livestream via BSMA. You will hear the rest of my conditions once there. I expect you to answer my questions honestly and without contradictions. If you accept this chance, this one final chance, to say your peace and state your case I will extend it to you. It will be only you and I in the stream and no one else will be permitted to enter the video with us. I will however field questions if need be as sent to me via messenger and you are encouraged as well to do the same.

The time and date can be established via our messenger talks and I will make it public on all my social media outlets to include BSMA. This is nonnegotiable and is the only way in which I will accept speaking to you. My identity will be concealed and any attempts to trace me will result in you finding me in another country. My defenses on my network have many firewalls and I have remote people watching. Bear that in mind. This is to clear the air and to allow you for once in your life to be honest and open about this situation as well as many others which you have been found to have embellished or even outright lied. This will include the mysterious Yutashi should the situation come up.

I look forward to speaking “face to face” as it were. On a final note I expect you to be cordial to the others you speak with from BSMA and are on this side of the fence to include Dr. Dugas. I think that as you call yourself a “headmaster” you would need to show some decorum at all times. Be the example you expect others to be and lose the smug attitude. It doesn’t fit you and you’re nowhere near as good at is as I am.


Gerald Greysmith

So, yesterday (8/17/2020) Bret posted a letter from Patrick Justice intended to set the record straight regarding Justice’s forced resignation from his position as 9th Dan President of the American Jidokwan Association in 2017.

Here are screen shots of Bret’s post:

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Open Letter to Bret Gordon


By Lordus Sapiens — HOLY SHIT!

This is what happens when you are so desperate to be seen as something you haven’t earned that you will throw in with just about anyone. It’s not an accident that when you turn over a rock and discover a martial arts fraud, you find all sorts of dirt bags and lowlifes right along side of them, and sometimes they have lofty titles like “9th Dan and President, American Jidokwan Association.”

There’s just not much more to say…

Except that “Dismissed Direct Indictment” doesn’t mean what you think it does, dumbass.

My letter to Bret:

Steven Hatfield is a fucking child rapist enabling coward. Justice is his “lifelong friend,” he brought him into the leadership of their spiderweb of bullshit martial arts organizations…so why is he hiding like a bitch behind Bret Gordon?

Why are people ALLOWING Hatfield to hide behind Gordon?

Here’s some more detail regarding Patrick justice and his record…

– – – – – – – – – – U P D A T E – – – – – – – – – –

Predictably, Bret is now taking a different tact regarding the 9th Dan President of the American Jidokwan Association Patrick Justice situation as evidenced by the following “edit” from his blog:

So, how is this an “active legal matter?” It’s a matter of public record. There is no “active legal” activity going on related to this situation (unless someone who knows Patrick Justice’s whereabouts has reported his location to authorities — Justice hasn’t registered in years, apparently, and has many warrants out for him for his failure to register — and they are taking action). Here, Bret Gordon is merely groping for a reason to stop talking about it. Probably a good idea considering what a mess he has made of the whole situation.

Bret struggles with understanding “legal matters” (as he demonstrated here), so “active legal matter” could mean anything.

I take it to mean, “I’m in over my head and don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, so I’m going to go lick my wounds and hide behind a bunch of legal-sounding nonsense.”

I think it’s obvious that Bret and Hatfield never ran a background check on Justice. If they did, they would be able to produce a copy of it and post it (with select personal information redacted) along with order confirmation information from the company through which they purchased the background check. 2017 is only three years ago, so it should be a simple matter to gather those records. As an entity (the U.S. Association of Martial Arts and all the other BS organizations they run — funny how none of these associations seem to be properly registered as business entities in Ohio or Florida) that claims to run background checks on its members, one would think that they would keep a file on every background check they purchase as a matter of good bookkeeping and to protect them from liability, but even if they don’t, they should be able to at a bare minimum be able to prove they ordered a background check by producing an invoice.

Really…when they made this background check claim, this is the first thing they could and should have done to prove their story, but they didn’t…because Bret’s story is a lie.

Prove me wrong, Bret. Post the invoice dated sometime in 2017 and the report provided by the company through which you purchase background checks (which company do you use, anyway? do you really run real background checks at all on anybody, or is it just you playing with Google?).

And while you’re at it, post all your Hatfield certs and all this documented proof about your background and lineage that to date you refuse to let see the light of day…

At bare minimum, stop pretending like you’re on top of this situation. You wouldn’t know shit if not for the fact that someone who is looking into your lies decided to drop all this into your lap with a big red bow tied around it.

Patrick Justice ALWAYS looked like bullshit to me.

As I wrote in the original series on Bret and Hatfield’s circle-jerks and American Jidokwan Association, I pointed out the inconsistencies in their stories and the information archived in the “Wayback Machine” (internet archive). As of 2011 (when Justice was supposedly appointed President of the AJA), Justice was listed as “Master Patrick R. Justice 6th Dan Columbus, OH USA, American Ji Bo Kwan TKD” with no mention of his quite impressive position as (then, Bret claimed before he scrubbed it from the AJA web site) 7th Dan and President of the American JiDOkwan Association. In 2012, again, there is no mention of the American Jidokwnan Association and Justice is listed as “Patrick Justice Title: (Master) Rank: 7thDan Style/System: Tae-Kukki Tae-Kwon-Do Dojo/School: Lifestyle TKD Academy Columbus, Ohio USA Status:(Lifetime-Member/Active).” What the fuck is “Tae-Kukki Tae-Kwon-Do?” Beats me, but it surely sounds nothing like “American Jidokwan Association” which never appears in the archive.

These guys are just making up bullshit as they go along.

One of the few true statements Bret makes is that Patrick Justice’s position as 9th Dan President of the American Jidokwan Association was almost certainly “symbolic.” Never mind that the notion of a 37-year-old 9th dan in Taekwondo having ascended from 6th dan to 9th dan in less than six years is total and utter bullshit, they just needed a name and a face for their AJA website to create the illusion of continuity and they picked his. I doubt he was ever actively involved and all this “American Jidokwan” stuff didn’t become a thing until Bret and Hatfield started making moves to acquire legitimate Taekwondo credentials through “Korean Jidokwan Headquarters” (using their inflated and fabricated American Jidokwan “credentials” and “history”) sometime in 2018. The have since used the credentials acquired through that effort to acquire additional credentials through USA Taekwondo and the US Taekwondo Grandmasters Society’s national dan program (interesting that Bret’s Jidokwan 5th dan only netted him a 4th dan from USAT/USTGMS…there’s a reason for that).

That’s how these groups and people operate. They create an “organization” on paper or a web site (in this case they basically stole the organization from a dead guy) and get one of their buddies to front it. There’s no “martial arts” or legitimate activity going on, the whole American Jidokwan Association situation appears to just be a means for Bret and Hatfield to misrepresent their backgrounds in what has turned out to be a successful effort to bullshit two organizations into giving them legit paper which they can then use to acquire more legit paper…

So, in 2017 Bret took over the AJA from Justice. No one will ever really know the true details, but given the fact that it appears Justice has been in and out of trouble for his entire adult life (he has a shitload of past warrants and his most recent arrest appears to be an assault charge in 2018…never mind the domestic violence charge, or the illegal distribution charge, or the burglary charge…oh and the two rape charges where he was 24 years old and the victim was under age 13), my guess is he just wasn’t around and Bret and Hatfield decided to stick Bret into that position in their martial arts shell game to support their rank acquisition efforts. Nothing more complicated than that…except that putting a criminal at the head of one of their groups is now biting them in the ass.

Honesty and integrity, Bret. They’re not just lofty ideals, “virtues” to put on your wall, or stuff only “other people” should worry about…

Maybe you’re finally figuring that out.

– – – – – – – – – – E N D U P D A T E – – – – – – – – – –

Bret Gordon: Lies


By Lordus Sapiens — Look at all this craziness…my head is just spinning!

Short one today.

Bret Gordon has been doing his level best to manage damage control relate to his and Steven Hatfield’s exposure as martial arts frauds. The stress and pressure is clearly getting the best of him, however, as evidenced by the cracks appearing in his story and the outright stupid actions he has been taking to try to grow additional thumbs to stick into the holes that are appearing in the damn of deceit that seems about to break.

Today, the fact that the one-time president of their version of the American Jidokwan Association and supposed 30-something-year-old 9th dan (in 2017), Patrick Justice, is a convicted sexual predator and served three years in prison hit the street. Within hours, Bret was trying to clean up the mess by writing blogs and scrubbing their web sites.

– – – – – – – – – – U P D A T E – – – – – – – – – –

I guess I have to say something about the nature of the conviction and Bret’s dancing around. This might not make much sense leading into the article, but I decided it needed to be said at the beginning of this piece where I know it will be read rather than at the end…

Rape is simply one of the most vile things a person can do to someone else just sort of murder. Think about it. In order to rape someone you have to be so enslaved by your base impulses, and care so little for other people, that you are willing to forcibly penetrate another person using a part of your body (or force that person to stimulate your genitals by some other means), to sexually gratify yourself…likely while the victim is is thrashing and screaming and begging you to stop. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and ethically it is a violation so base, so heinous, that it really doesn’t have any equals in human interaction. It’s little wonder that many people would rather die than be raped, or that many people believe that death is the only suitable punishment for a convicted rapist, especially when it comes to people who prey on children or the mentally impaired.

Regarding Patrick justice, we don’t know the details. We all have heard stories about people forced to register as sex offenders not actually being rapists, but having (for example) the poor judgement to date a minor only to have charges filed by the parents that led to a conviction and a lifetime of stigma to look forward to. That’s not the case here. This conviction was not the result of a technicality or misunderstanding. While some people are calling Patrick Justice a “pedo,” we know nothing about the victim, so it’s unfair to draw that conclusion at this time, but we DO know that it was a violent rape warranting hard prison time.

“Curing” rapists has been a confounding problem, and we do know that rapists (especially child-rapists) tend to re-commit. For that reason alone, Patrick Justice should have never been allowed near women or children in a martial arts setting, let alone allowed to serve in a leadership position over an organization.

Patrick Justice was convicted in 2004 and got out of prison in 2007. As “lifelong friends,” there is simply NO FUCKING WAY Hatfield didn’t know, no matter what Bret now says. Clearly, these two morons knowingly put a convicted rapist at the head of one of their organizations four years after his release and left him there until 2017 (though his name, rank, and position appeared on their sites until being scrubbed today in a panic).

I’ll say it gain…

Bret is a liar…and I’ll go one step further.

For attempting to shrug this off, minimize it, and now erase it from their fabricated history, Bret and Hatfield are scumbags.

[8/14/2020 Edit] News of all this appears to be reaching students and parents of students affiliated with Bret’s (and Richard Hackworth’s) school. In the screen shot below, we can see how Bret (and Hackworth) are minimizing and acting as apologists regarding Patrick Justice and his conviction:

I suspect “Angela” and Adam Hall are shilling (trying to get their alternate view out there) for Bret and Hackworth (Hackworth is actually quite famous for using fake accounts to attack peopleand spread false information), but they are clearly ignoring the fact that they knew (his “lifelong friend” Steven Hatfield certainly knew) about his conviction, but promoted him to 9th dan and seated him at the head of the American Jidokwan Association anyway, and based on their own claims, continued to use his name and image until the story broke on 8/13/2020. Bret’s assertion that they “severed ties immediately” is bullshit, and the fact that Bret is scrubbing Justice from all their web sites, I think, tells the real story.

They also despicably attempt to minimize the nature of his crime while conveniently failing to point out that Justice did THREE YEARS in prison. They don’t hand out three year prison sentences for minor infractions. Either something significant happened, or there were other factors that warranted such a severe punishment. [End Edit]

For all intents and purposes, they might as well have held the victim down while Justice did his “business.”

The fact that Bret is waving that SafeSport cert around like some sort of white knight should make people want to vomit.

– – – – – – – – – – E N D U P D A T E – – – – – – – – – –

In the blog Bret posted today (8/13/2020 — which you can view here) he says:

“One such target in our circle was Patrick Justice, the former president of the American Jidokwan Association before me. Justice and Hatfield sensei were lifelong friends, so a background check was never done on him as is customary for those who bring into our organizations. One day as Hatfield sensei and I were talking, we realized this oversight and ran one. When we got the results, we confronted Justice who was upfront about having a criminal record, and we offered him the choice of either stepping down or being removed due to actions unbecoming of a martial artist. Justice chose to step down and turn in his documents, and is no longer recognized by the American Jidokwan Association in any capacity.”

Bret Gordon, 8/13/2020

In a private conversation, Bret had this to say:

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Bret Gordon — And the Dancers Laughed


Guest Article by Don Roley — Not Suffering Fools…

Bret Gordon might not be the best example of an internet tough guy dick tucking, but it is the most recent I am aware of and a great lesson in addition to being funny as hell.

Bret Gordon is a real bad ass, according to Bret Gordon. Give him a chance and he will tell you in detail how dangerous he is. He’ll tell you how the people that point out his claims don’t make sense are scared of him. He is the soke of a system created by a Japanese man with a non-Japanese name with no official records in Japan or America and no objective witnesses seems to have ever seen the guy.

His recent humiliation after trying to act the bully is funny, but I would like to use him as a lesson on the dark side of our personalities that we all might be in danger of falling for. Of course, Gordon is very deep into the rabbit hole, spending years digging himself into his own trap. But still, what tempted him might tempt others, even to a lesser extent, so I would like to use him as an example so that others might learn and by vigilant. Lordus has agreed to put this part of what I write on his site, and I will put a second part on how we all can avoid becoming like Bret Gordon on my site.

Bret Gordon is a classic keyboard warrior and fraudulent martial artist. He was first exposed back when he was 16, and has not changed his methods since. A blogger that goes by the name of Lordus Sapiens recently wrote no less than four long blogs destroying his claims, and didn’t even cover everything.

As a defensive measure, Gordon has said that those that write these things should come to see him, and tries to sell the idea that what they have exposed is not worthy of note because they will not get on the mat with him. Of course, when I said I would come out to see the proof of the supposed Japanese guy that founded the style he claims to be soke in, the rules were changed and he used a thin excuse to not show even proof of the founder’s existence.

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Bret Gordon…Fraud, Ego, and Shell Games…Haven’t We All Been Here Before?


My apologies to The Who.

By Lordus Sapiens — Why do so may of these guys look like plump little gerbils…or young Ron Jeremies without the “talent?”

So, a few months ago, I published a long series of articles exposing the fraudulent behavior of Bret Gordon and his “teacher” Steven Hatfield. I think the “investigation” speaks for itself, especially in light of Bret’s subsequent behavior. Rather than go into all the details covered in the articles, I suggest people read them before moving on:

May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — Part 1

May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — Part 2

May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — Part 3: The Final Chapter

May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — And Yet More Douchery

To be fair, here’s a link to Bret’s martial arts federation and blog:

Bret’s ramblings…

Oh, and here’s a couple of links to Gerald Greysmith’s blogs on Bret for some counterpoint:

Ideas are bulletproof

The log in your eye

And some stuff from Don Roley’s blog:

Covering Their Tracks

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The Joys of Puppet Mastery


By Lordus Sapiens — Shut up and dance on your fucking strings, puppet-boy!

I hear that I was scared off the internet.


So…I’ve been taking a break. It’s summer, the weather has been nice, and I just didn’t feel like even thinking about martial arts frauds for a while. Truth is, something also happened that put a bad taste in my mouth for a bit when it comes to advocating against martial arts fraud, so I thought…fuck it.

There are other ways I could be amusing myself.

So I dropped off for a bit. I don’t know that anyone even missed me and I’m not surprised to note that the world of martial arts fraud busting got along fine without me. Hell, by taking a break, a few folks new to the business even got to come to the fore. I’d have to say that it was a good thing overall. I got a rest and some other folks found their voices in the fray.


To listen to some folks prattle on, you’d think that the whole “scene” could never survive my absence. According to dumb-fucks like Bret Gordon or David “Dorkian” Richardson, I’m some sort of Puppet Master (a fine book by one of my heroes, Robert Heinlein, by the way) and have had my hand shoved up the asses of many fine folks devoted to fraud busting, dictating their activities and every word they say, for quite some time.

Oh, if only that as true.

I’d finally have a use for all these latex gloves I’ve been stockpiling.

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Dorkian’s Fear…


Dorkian’s Fury…

By Lordus Sapiens — Not afraid of your Gon Jabbar.

Like many people who follow this blog, I imagine, I am following the drama surrounding the Richardson-Roley challenge with some amusement.

Lately, Richardson has decided to take his ninja magic show and search for trailer-trash nut-huggers on the road to Bullshido. I think it was safe to predict how this sad attempt to reach out to potential supporters for his little crusade was going to turn out…at least for anyone with a clue about Bullshido and what it does. Let it suffice to say, things aren’t going well there for Dorkian.

It’s a pretty weird strategy for trying to save face while tucking dick and running from a challenge one has made, but Richardson is one strange dude.

I can’t really speak for why Don engages in these “challenges” that always turn out to be roads to nowhere. I suspect it serves as a sort of final humiliation for these frauds (when they inevitably tuck dick) as well as a tool for getting the fraud in question to reveal their true motivations, characters, and flaws. Going through this whole “challenge” process is like shaking the shit out of an apple tree in Autumn…all sorts of things fall out. Last October, I gave the apple tree in my front yard a good shake for the deer that come to visit and an old robin’s nest and a folf disc fell out, landing on my head.

You just never know.

But one thing is for sure…Richardson couldn’t be following the typical fraud template any closer if he was following a script.

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A Matter of Identity


By Lordus Sapiens — At least I know who I am.

Patrick Ferrari is not me.

I am not Patrick Ferrari.

Nor am I Alain Burrese, Don Roley, Phil Elmore, Dale Dugas, Russell Sciabarrasi, Gerald Greysmith, Dane Ilario, Alan Goldberg, TheLateScottBaio, the Pink Man (though I wish I was), or the half dozen or so martial arts instructors throughout Eastern Washington and the Idaho panhandle that David Richardson and his group (including Dallas Wittgenfeld, Frank Dux, and the usual suspects) doxed a while back.

I’m sure I’m missing some folks.

I continue to be surprised by how wrong Richardson and his group are, consistently, on the subject of my identity. Not that they care. Clearly, they are employing more of a shotgun approach…though, their execution is a bit like firing a 12-gauge into a crowded nightclub. They don’t really care if they hit the right guy. Harassing and threatening people online is its own reward for these types, and if any of the shrapnel ever reaches me, that would just be a bonus.

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Dorkian — Missing the “High Road” and Parting Ways with Facts


I can count this many fingers…

By Lordus Sapiens — It’s not hard to find the high road…just look for all the monkeys.

So, as usual, Dorkian tries to up the ante in the manner that we have all grown accustomed to…

He just makes shit up, which isn’t a big surprise give his well documented preoccupation with all things scatological.

Some of his stories have been told so often that they have started to take on a life of their own.

One thing about this blog that is frustrating to frauds like Dorkian is that I deal in facts and provide evidence. Sure…I speculate and I express my opinion about things, but I think it’s pretty clear to anyone who can read at a third grade level when I’m doing that (not to mention the fact that I often point it out). I go to great pains to provide evidence, usually in the form of the subjects own words and claims (since they’re almost always narcissists, there’s always an abundance to work from), much to their irritation.

It’s not an accident that when they respond to things said in this blog, they never seem to want to discuss the evidence.

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David “Dorkian” Richardson — How This Failure In Life Became A Meat Puppet to the World’s Greatest Assassin


NOT by Lordus Sapiens — The Return of a Man With no Name…

Well, predictably, Dorkian has been having an internet bitch fit regarding being featured (again) on this blog. The time and effort he and his group of misfits puts into responses might be impressive…if not for the sad fact that he and his posse have the cognitive abilities of large mushrooms.

Oh well…at least there’s some entertainment value in some of the attempts.

Our special guest is back with a new set of comments and observations on the feud between Don and Richardson (and his crew, which seems to mostly exists in Dorkian’s imagination)…

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Open letter to David “Keyboard Warrior” Richardson


Perhaps the biggest pussy in the history of pussies…

Not by Lordus Sapiens — Lookie-lookie…we have a special guest 🙂

Quite a while back I posted that I would be more than happy to post guest articles on this site. Sadly, no one — until now — has taken me up on the offer.

Readers of this blog are familiar with Don Roley. They are also likely to be familiar with failed magician, failed martial artist, and failed Frank Dux sycophant David Richardson and his feud with Don. As feuds go, it’s largely a case of Richardson posting really weird movies in which he expresses an almost psycho-sexual obsession with Don, and threatening Don through sock puppets and proxies. It’s the last part that is troubling.

You see, one of these proxies — a violent and mentally ill man that went by the name “Archangel Michael” (John Reese) — actually ended up dead. DEAD. As in real, killed himself during a standoff with police surrounded by an arsenal of weapons dead. Leading up to the man’s suicide, Richardson was actively pushing Reese towards a hoped confrontation with Roley.

Aside from the complete chicken-shit aspect of this, it also demonstrates that Richardson is more than just an internet troll. His is hoping for and actively encouraging real violence directed at Roley. Reese isn’t the first mentally unstable person he’s tried to aim at one of his critics…not by a long shot.

The following is an “open letter’ directed at Richardson written by a friend of Don’s who, for now, wishes to remain anonymous…

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The Toughest Man in the Age of Covid-19


By Lordus Sappiens — With my new black surgical mask, I look just like a Ninja!

I promised myself that I would swear off all things Bohdi Sanders, and I really haven’t thought of him much in 2020…but Bohdi’s a bit like a sneaky, bad dog that you have to kick in the ribs every once in a while to keep in line.

Not that I would ever kick or be cruel to a dog…unless it looked like Bohdi, in which case I would have to make an exception.

Fuck it…I’m a cat person, so what can I say?

Well, all this Bret Gordon stuff has taken a turn that I should have seen coming…right into the world of frauds and dipshits Bohdi and his merry following of nuthuggers and purple Kool-Aid drinkers inhabit, rolling around in their own feces while they play tough guy ninja on the internet.

It’s not a secret that Bret Gordon is in business with the focus of Bohdi’s most profound bromantic feelings, Super Duper Soke Grandmaster Richard Hackworth. A while back, Hackworth announced that his tiny little dojang and TKD daycare was about to get a face lift…and guess who paid for it? Bret — the long-lost apparent love child of Steven Hatfield, Bohdi Sanders, FrankDux, and Richard Hackworth — Gordon.

Check it out:

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May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken: And Yet More Douchery


By Lordus Sapiens — I always thought a douche was something that came in a box from Massengill…I guess I was wrong.

As weary as I am of Bret Gordon and his refusal to prove his case, I thought it would be worthwhile to post this exchange that was shared on the BSMA site.

It seems someone named Brandon Hileman got into it with Bret on a forum somewhere (I believe on one of Richard Hackworth’s organization FB pages) regarding questions about the articles on this blog and his martial arts claims. I find a lot of it pretty amusing, but want to draw people’s attention to a couple of things.

First, there are Frank Clay’s comments. Apparently he’s an admin on the page where Brandon and Bret were arguing. What’s interesting about Frank Clay (aside from being a martial arts dipshit in his own right) is that he’s a student of Richard Hackworth (and serves as head of at least one of Hackworth’s fake organizations), who is also Bret’s business partner. Second, are his comments (pictured here) where he attempts to quash the argument by throwing his rank around.

Yeah…coffee shot out of my nose, too…

This behavior is simply indicative of what people like Hackworth, Clay, and Gordon are really all about. Perceived (and fake) status. Their egos and the fact that they have tiny little rice dicks that they are in constant need of compensating for.

The ridiculousness of trying to throw your rank around online aside, the blatant misuse of Korean terms is hilarious. “Sa bum nim” isn’t a bestowed title. It’s just what you call a Korean martial arts teacher ranked fourth dan or higher. “Kwan jang nim” just means “head of school” (not “grandmaster,” like some people want you to believe). “Chun Kwan jang nim?” Well, this is an uncommon one (I think he meant to say “Chong” not “Chun”), but it appears they are using it for the head of the organization. Korean martial arts just don’t use titles the same way Japanese titles do — at least not unless you are in America where you can’t walk down the street without bumping into a martial arts rank and title whore — so there’s nothing to “give up.”

But I love the tone and puffery and all this insisting on public apologies and “I OUT-RANK YOU’s” and other such nonsense. I also love how Bret apparently lets his guard down and starts acting like a self-important douche online…

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May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — PART 3: The Final Chapter


Licenses and diplomas…my how we’ve turned a cool custom into a ridiculous mess…

By Lordus Sapiens — Fucking certificates and secret scrolls.

If you’ve been following the comments below these articles, you’re aware that Bret is still trying to get someone to fly down to Florida for a private viewing of his documents and “proof” of lineage and the existence of the ever-evolving (over the past decade) cast of characters he claims contributed to Hatfield’s (and his, by “inheritance”) martial arts pedigree. The idea is to allow either myself, or now Don Roley, to see all this stuff and then, having somehow been convinced of their authenticity and legitimacy, record my or Don’s reaction (more likely Don’s since I have zero interest in revealing my “secret identity” or traveling to Florida), and post that reaction and some sort of retraction of this series of articles online, all WITHOUT ever making them available to the public. Overall, it’s a strange insistence with even stranger justifications, mostly revolving around some notion of protecting the privacy of this “Hasaka Yutashi.”

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May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — PART 2


By Lordus Sapiens — Seriously…it’s like when you eat ice cream too fast. It hurts THAT bad…

You may have noticed in the first installment, while I defined what a circle-jerk is, Hatfield and Gordon don’t quite qualify because there’s only two of them.

Don’t worry, there are more folks about to join this party.

But before I continue, I think we need to define some more terms and make sure we’ll all on the same page here…

What’s Okay and What’s NOT Okay…

Anyone following this can probably tell that I have a different definition of what’s okay in martial arts than Hatfield and Gordon do.

Heck, some of you might even disagree with me and agree with them. I can honestly say that there are some people out there who just don’t see the problem with simply making shit up in the martial arts.

In the debate that has come out of Part 1, Gordon and his supporters have tried to discredit my findings and conclusions while defending what they do. Largely, they avoid discussing the evidence and their arguments center around me being a coward with mommy/daddy issues and a stick up my ass. What can I tell you…the level of self-delusion and intelligent discourse has been about what I’ve learned to expect.

That being said, a couple of points keep coming up that I think need to be more clearly defined…

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May the Circle (Jerk) Be Unbroken — PART 1


Ahhhh….the sacred scrolls…

By Lordus Sapiens — This one is actually hurting my brain.

Before delving into this, I should warn you that it’s long (and can’t even be completely covered in a single installment). For those of you with shorter attention spans, the juicier revelations are towards the end…

The phrase “rank circle-jerk” gets tossed about in martial arts fraud circles, but I’m sure not everyone really knows what it means.

Let me explain…with pictures!

In simplest terms, a martial arts rank circle-jerk is a loose (and sometimes not so loose) group of instructors who have created their own “organizations” for the purpose of issuing martial arts credentials – sometimes to students, but more often to themselves – who then seek out similar organizations to “affiliate” with.

By “affiliate” I mean they trade ranks, titles, and positions within each other’s organizations to inflate each other’s credentials. This is awesome in that it requires zero training, effort, or knowledge but looks super impressive on a resume, flyer, Facebook page, or web site.

It’s a tried and true method many fraudulent martial artists use to try to camouflage the fact that they have fabricated all or part of their credentials and self-promoted to high rank. This method exploits the fact that most people – including most martial artists – simply don’t know who the legitimate organizations are or what to look for in legitimate and non-legitimate groups, associations, or federations. More senior martial arts people might know who is for real and who isn’t, but your typical student or soccer mom looking for a program for her kids are easily dazzled by a shopping list of impressive-sounding ranks and credentials and don’t have a clue as to whether they’re being lied to.

So, let’s create an example of how this works. Here we have three “martial artists” (all based on real fake martial artists I’ve encountered over the years) who have all decided that they are deserving and qualified to create their own styles and organizations:

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The Stupidity of the Internet Challenge and the Idiots Who Make Them


The latest internet tough guy to drop another challenge on the BSMA page…”Sifu” Michael Hudson (his real name is actually Michael Dewayne Bristow…why he uses a fake name on Facebook is probably something worth looking into).

By Lordus Sapiens — Fight me, damnit!!! Your gung fu is no match for my monkey style (and believe me, you don’t want to see this monkey dance)!

I think all of us of a certain age can remember the dynamics of the after-school fist fight.

They followed a simple pattern. First, someone’s presumed honor or manliness would be besmirched, usually in a way that caused some sort of public embarrassment that demanded that the wounded party call out the person who had wounded them. Shouting and name calling would often ensue, eventually resulting in the “challenge” finally being made.

After school, in the parking lot or at some other suitable location. Ours was the “smokers pole” near the National Guard armory just across the street…and yes, I understand that “smoker” and “pole” have a different connotation these days.

Then more shouting and name-calling. In my day the words “pussy” and “faggot” were the standard go-tos. The challenge might be accepted, it might not. All the shouting and name-calling was really posturing and stalling in the hope that a teacher would come along and break things up. Once teachers knew what was happening, the chances of the fight actually going off greatly diminished, usually (though perhaps secretly) to the relief of both parties involved.

But once in a blue moon, the challenge would actually be accepted. The two parties would go their separate ways to live the special hell that is to watch the clock for the remaining school day knowing they had committed to a pugilistic duel at three-o-clock high (awesome movie, by the way).

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Of Frauds and Federations…Gail “Hud” Huddleston and the United States National Grand Masters Federation


By Lordus Sapiens — Getting ready to launch my own bogus martial arts federation for fun and profit. T-shirts, coffee mugs, wall hanger highlander swords, and soke certificates…we’ll have it all!

Call this my gift to Bohdi Sanders…

I don’t really like to pick on the developmentally disabled or mentally ill in the martial arts, even when it turns out they’re self-promoted “grand masters” and run their own bogus groups and organizations. The truth is, there are just too many of them, so I have to be selective. Gail “Hud” Huddleston and his “United States National Grand Masters Federation” (love the redundancy) has been on my radar for a long time, but I just couldn’t get it up to go after him.

Brandishing a mustache that should be registered as a lethal weapon, Gail is by pretty much anyone’s estimation a foul-mouthed crackpot, and his “federations” are a complete joke, following the same template so many fake martial arts organizations have used down through the ages, he even goes as far as to put famous martial artists — and even dead ones — on his board of “grand masters” without their knowledge.

Of course, Gail wears sunglasses indoors along with his salmon-colored dobok, so any questions about his background and his claims can instantly be laid to rest. I mean…wearing sunglasses indoors is the mark of “quality” in martial arts…

Am I right?

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Disney Has Completed the Ass-Raping of My Youth


By Lordus Sapiens — I know it’s not martial arts, but…well…just…FUCK!

I finally saw Star Wars IX: the Rise of Skywalker. Given it’s been out since December 20, obviously I didn’t have high hopes for it. I fucking HATED The Last Jedi, so I had decided to wait for the blu-ray release so no one would have to listen to me yell at the TV. A friend “came across” a good screen cap, so over dinner last night, I gave it a chance.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck on a bantha fuck…

It fucking sucks.

Sucks balls, dumb as shit…

By the beard of George Lucas…

It just sucks so many ways.

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What To Do when you’re Unable to Live Up To Anyone’s Standards…


By Lordus Sapiens — Always trying to live up to many standards.

Other people’s standards.

The idea that other people set standards for what is right and true can really be a bummer for some people. Especially people who seem to have little or no respect for standards.

Here’s a definition for “standards:”

A few words pop out:




Just to name a few.

“Standards” serve a specific purpose, but I think that their value to society is they provide measures for what a thing “is.” If it doesn’t meet the standard, it is less than the thing it is supposed to be. It is inferior. It’s fake.

People need to be able to set expectations, and in a certain sense, being able to meet certain expectations is a common currency of sorts when it comes to human interaction. When people strive and are successful in meeting expectations, people are happy and get along. When they are unable to meet expectations, dissatisfaction and conflict can arise.

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Fuck Your Fake PhD and Phony Hall of Fame


If you ever see me walking around with one of these on a uniform…just kill me and be done with it.

By Lordus Sapiens — Enjoying some tasty fruit.

It looks like all the recent scrutiny of Martial Arts Hall of Fame Circle-Jerk Events is starting to bear fruit as their organizers have been posting weird explanations and justifications for their events.

let’s keep up the pressure!!!

Frank Dux and Allen Woodman’s event ended up being cancelled (though they kept selling non-refundable tickets right up to the date it was supposed to take place), likely due to scrutiny in social media. In recent months World Head of Family Sokeship Council founder Frank Sanchez posted about the supposed “credibility” of his organization and event. And recently, while in search for something a little lighter than MURDER to discuss related to martial arts and some of the so-called “celebrities” associated with them, I stumbled upon this post from Jim Thomas, the owner of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (sorry about the length):

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“Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters” Contributor Cheryl Wheeler Sanders Killed in Shootout with Ex-Husband…


Robert “Reed” Sanders and Cheryl Wheeler Sanders

By Lordus Sapiens — Not having illusions of being some sort of John Wick in real life.

So, in a tragic, bat-shit crazy confrontation that seems better suited in a b-grade action thriller, former martial artist and stunt woman Cheryl Wheeler Sanders (and her husband, Robert Reed Sanders) were killed in a shootout with Cheryl’s ex-husband, Robert “Lindsey” Duncan, in Ohio on February 12.

Details are forthcoming, but according to law enforcement, it looks like the Sanders couple — who had been in a longstanding financial dispute with Duncan — had traveled to Ohio from North Carolina (while making efforts to conceal their movement and identities) and was setting up some sort of ambush (that they were attempting to live-stream back to their home using surveillance cameras and one of their phones) for Duncan and his wife on their property when things went sideways and their plan fell apart.

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The Black Dragon Fighting Society


Man, I miss these old ads…

By Lordus Sapiens — Not afraid of anyone’s Dim Mak!

There are some things in the world of martial arts that are simply a given…so much a given that I really never thought I would waste my time on them.


Okay, here we go…

The Black Dragon Fighting Society is bullshit. It always was bullshit, always has been bullshit, and always will be bullshit.

No amount of wishing will ever make it otherwise, and if you truly believe it to be anything more than an ad in a comic book designed to extract money from foolish children you are a moron.

That’s right.


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Where’s the Case Number, Bohdi?


By Lordus Sapiens — I’ve got their contact info…all I need now is the number.

A while back, Bohdi Sanders claimed that someone stuffed a threat in his mailbox in Colorado. No one believed it, and the consensus is that Bohdi fabricated the “threat” to drum up interest in his latest book. How successful that marketing strategy may have worked out, only Bohdi knows, but judging by his sales numbers (1,001,739 in Books as of five minutes ago)…

Not so much.

Recently, Bohdi posted this bit of rambling:

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Selling Out and the Insidiousness of Rank Inflation



By Lordus Sapiens — This is what you get when you try to treat people like they’re too stupid to know you’re full of shit (you had me at “Superfoot”).

For your education and amusement, I present the following “case study…”

I was following an interesting “conversation” on a Facebook page with someone struggling with the age-old (at least as far as martial arts goes) problem of how to acquire “legitimate” rank (advancement) if you’re a “rank orphan.”

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Shit Lickers & Shit-Kickers


By Lordus Sapiens — He’s just pissed because someone told him it was chocolate ice cream and he believed it.

Bohdi posted this meme today with a long diatribe. I would post the text, but it’s just more of Bohdi whining and crying about his former martial arts buddies picking on him in light of his exposure as a colossal fraud. Instead, I’ll merely paraphrase:

“Wah, wah, wah…I’m real, they’re fake, and you should believe me because I’m the “Wisdom Warrior” and I say you should…now pass the purple Kool-Aid.”

Bohdi Sanders

I think this meme tells you all you need to know about Bohdi. What kind of “Wisdom Warrior” posts something like this? I’ll tell you what kind…the kind that is really a petulant child in a man suit.

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Book Review of “Defiance: Exposing the Dark Side of Martial Arts” by Hanshi Dr. Bohdi Sanders Ph.D. Shihan


My very own copy of this earth-shattering book tearing the lid off the dark side of the arts…and I got it long before any of Bohdi’s purple Kool-Aid drinkers by simply ordering it on Amazon. Neener! Neener!

By Lordus Sapiens — Bohdi’s right…no one should take an anonymous coward like me seriously.

This is a long, long piece, so for the sake of people with real lives and short attention spans I’ll spoil the surprise and tell you right off the bat that the book…


If you’ve come this far, you should go the rest of the way, so follow me down Bohdi’s rabbit hole (that just sounds wrong)…

When I heard that Bohdi Sanders was writing a book about the “dark side” of martial arts, I was taken aback, to say the least. I don’t want to trivialize the notion by saying that — to me at least — the idea of Bohdi writing a book about what he feels ails martial arts is a bit like a pedophile writing a book on child safety, but given Bohdi’s own martial arts background and history of fraud, the endeavor struck me as…


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Bohdi Sanders and his Cult of Dipshits


By Lordus Sapiens — Blown away by the never-ending stupidity.

So, Bohdi and his cult of dipshits are having a good chuckle over people posting negative reviews of DEFIANCE: Exposing the Dark Side of Martial Arts supposedly before it is actually available. Apparently no one has received the copies they have ordered directly from him. Bohdi is claiming on his page that they’re not available yet, that he’s still proofing it and hasn’t even ordered it from “the printer,” and any negative reviews are bogus.

Well explain this:

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Send Don Roley to Japan…Honor DEMANDS It!


By Lordus Sapiens — ‘ang’eghQo’ quvHutlhboghjaghneHghobtaHvISghaH! (“Only an enemy without honor refuses to show himself in battle”).

Andrew Martini (the challenger) and Don Roley (the challenged).

A GoFundMe has been set up to raise money to send Don Roley to Japan to meet the challenge of Andrew Martini. Roley and Martini are both high-ranking Bujinkan black belts. Roley is known to readers here, and is active busting frauds on the BSMA site. Martini lives in Japan and at some point decided to express his dislike of Roley and what he does on a number of media sites. As one might expect, something of a pissing match ensued, with Martini finally dropping a challenge.

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