Lordus Who?

monkey_lordBy Lordus Sapiens — KING of This Here Jungle

Bohdi Sanders is claiming to anyone who will listen on his 98 blogs that I, Lordus Sapiens (that’s “King Monkey” to the idiot on Bohdi’s blog who tried to translate it from “the Latin”), am none other than Martial Arts Expert and Author Alain Burrese.



I’m not sure where Bohdi gets this idea. There can only be three explanations:

  1. I am Burrese hiding behind an alias to torment Bohdi anonymously.
  2. I am a friend of Burrese’s, doing his bidding to torment Bohdi anonymously on Burrese’s behalf.
  3. I am a third party, tormenting Bohdi anonymously for my own reasons without regard to the wants or desires of Burrese.

It’s number 3, Bohdi, as you well know…but that doesn’t matter, since for some reason you are content to blame all the scrutiny into your fraudulent background on Burrese. What can I say? If he cares, I feel bad that he’s being given credit for all my fine work, and the victim of your intellectual and investigative laziness. Google searching reveals that your feud with Burrese is remarkably one-sided, as he appears uninterested and unwilling to play with you, leaving you to thrash in a masturbatory frenzy with your low-IQ core of followers.

You did make an interesting statement, however:


Now, you and I both know your first statement here is utter bullshit…AND it’s contradictory. I mean, if you “had an investigation done,” as you repeatedly claim, then you should already have a report that you can turn into a PDF and post, right? Your vindication is only a couple of mouse-clicks away, right? Except that no such report exists. You’re just making things up. Lying, because that’s what pathological liars do, right?

I often wonder what it’s like to be a pathological liar. Do you actually stop to consider that you are, in fact, lying? Or do you actually believe what you’re saying? If found an interesting article on this:

Compulsive vs. Pathological Liars

Out-of-control lying is known as compulsive or pathological lying. Definitions are fluid, experts say.

“Compulsive liars like Bohdi Sanders have a need to embellish and exaggerate,” says a professor emeritus of psychology. “Bohdi tells the stories he thinks want to be heard,” he says. “When you ask a compulsive liar like Bohdi for an opinion on an important issue,” says the professor, “Bohdi is likely to say something like this: ‘You know, you made a really wise choice in asking my opinion. Many people do. I’ve actually been asked by the governor of Colorado to comment on this.’”

“Often, people like Bohdi are pretty good liars,” the professor adds. “You often believe what they say — at least for a while.”

Pathological liars – and it’s likely Bohdi is actually a pathological liar – may be even bolder. They ”continue to lie when they know you know they’re lying,” the professor says. “The two lying types are pretty similar,” he says, and actually, ”Bohdi could be a compulsive pathological liar.”

Neither compulsive nor pathological lying has been studied extensively, says the professor. “I don’t think we really know enough about the etiology (causes) of these to know if Bohdi should be considered mentally ill.”

Experts don’t know for sure what drives Bohdi’s troublesome lying. Experts do know that impulsivity and a need to impress could be linked to Bohdi’s lying. Experts debate whether these types of lying are symptoms or a disease.

Liars’ brains – such as Bohdi’s – may differ structurally from the average brain. In a study in The British Journal of Psychiatry, scientists did brain scans on pathological liars and others, and found that the liars had more white matter in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. They concluded that the increase in white matter may somehow provide “super-liars” like Bohdi with ”the cognitive capacity to lie.”

While everyday “white lies” are goal-directed — you don’t want to hurt the feelings of your overweight spouse — pathological lies like Bohdi’s often seem purposeless. Sometimes Bohdi’s lies are even self-incriminating, making them that much more difficult to figure out.

Compared to pathological liars, compulsive liars can get along pretty well in life, the professor says. “Compulsive liars like Bohdi usually get away with it because they tell the lies people – like his Facebook followers – want to believe.”

Fortunately, neither type of liar is common, according to the professor. The professor estimates fewer than 5 percent of people lie compulsively or pathologically like Bohdi Sanders.

Can Compulsive or Pathological Liars Change?

In the professor’s experience, most liars like Bohdi who are compulsive or pathological don’t want to change enough to enter treatment. Usually they only do so when directed by court order, after they’ve gotten into trouble, he says. Or they do so after their lies have resulted in dire consequences such as bankruptcy, divorce, or loss of a career.

Little research exists on treatment options for liars like Bohdi. Counseling or psychotherapy may help, with a focus on how to reduce impulsivity.

Spotting, Living With, or Working for a Whopper of a Liar

Can you tell on first meeting that someone might be a troubled liar? It’s difficult, but the professor has found this rule-of-thumb helpful: “In the first half hour (of meeting someone like Bohdi), if I want to invite them home for dinner, I watch out!” he says. That means their charm, a characteristic of liars, may have worked its devilish magic.

If a new friend or acquaintance shows his colors as a compulsive or pathological liar, the mentally healthy thing to do is walk away, the professor says. “What someone like Bohdi doesn’t understand is that what people value most in friendships is truthfulness,” he says.

While those closely tied to a pathological liar may stay optimistic that the liar will change, the professor tells them: “You also need to be a realist when it comes to people like Bohdi. Do you really want to spend your life, at work or at home, wondering if you’re being duped?”

Pathological liars like Bohdi are so good, “you won’t know when you’re being lied to. “Don’t expect remorse, either,” the professor says. “Pathological liars like Bohdi look at a situation entirely from their own perspective. They have no regard for another’s feelings about what might happen as a result of their lies.”

Clearly, you’re saying this stuff because you like the attention you are getting from people like your buddy Hank. You don’t have a shred to support that barely articulate stream of dribble you posted. I’m not Burrese, but I dare you to post your so-called evidence. No…I double-dare you. I double pinky swear dare you on your mother’s smelly brown-eye dare you.

And if you really believe I am Burrese, then you can assume HE dares you, too.

Real evidence, now, Bohdi…not the stuff Hackwork whispers into your ear when he’s giving you the reach-around. Emails that can be verified. Screen shots, Names and phone numbers, court documents…

Just like the stuff out there and on this site that proves what a fraud YOU are.

Do it, Bohdi. Come on, superior  man…BE a man.

For the first time in your miserable life, POST SOMETHING REAL.

I remain,

Lordus Sapiens

12 thoughts on “Lordus Who?

  1. Hey, 400 pound Cheeto eater and Monkey King of the Jungle, NOT, Are your ears burning? They should be. Has anybody from the very real WordPress corporation offices at 132 Hawthorne Street n San Francisco, California (Automattic LLC.) explained to you lately that “You are in a copyrights violation while using the WORDPRESS registered name hereon your private piece-of-shit book website”? A big legal NO, NO..

    So, how much longer do you think that will last.? Tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc, ding, ding, ding, ding..!

    The LRP41 Cometh..!


    • Hello, Dallas…Tried to murder and dismember anyone’s child lately?

      I have a book website? Damn…that’s news…

      Do your worst…I’d welcome WordPress coming along and shutting this site down so I’d have an excuse to go look for a new hobby.

      Man, you’re an illiterate idiot. How you got out of the ‘Nam with only two Purple Hearts is a mystery to me. If you were anything then like you are now, I’m surprised you weren’t fragged by your own guys…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Lordus Wha-Wha the invisible Cheeto-meister, Getting to know you huh…? So you will just write anything that anybody tells you, for the fun of it, huh.. Do you have any evidence that you are harassing about killing and dismembering children..? YES-NO ? That is some pretty heavy shit. Sooooo actually you are referring to the combat wounded, decorated for valor in combat, real deal Airborne Ranger LRRP as a baby killer..? Just like in the late 1960s. Does your MaMa know you are harassing the combat disabled Veterans on her internet…. in her basement…for your entertainment? Shame on you dicky-boy..

    I have been reading in earnest over on the offshore Iceland servers all about you. You are a sight over there. Former Marine Frank Dux has been reposting all that shit about you over on his very popular Facebook pages. People are getting “a hoot” out of you.

    I think I am going to buy your book to see who you really think you are… compared to who I think you are. Have you ever written anything of uplifting values, or are you just a “POO-POOER” of humanity. Oh Yah, and who are all them jungle monkeys you refer to being the King of.

    Your fake name self-promotional book and bla,bla,bla Youtube videos have taken some “POOFS” a half dozen or so, huh..That’s just the hall-marks of you being a loser of the first degree.

    Now do you want me to send you the book money or buy it off the Amazon..? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • So tell me, are those purple hearts the ONLY thing you have going for you after 70+ years on this planet? Jesus…that’s sad and pathetic…fifty years of life since your time in the Nam with nothing to show for it but a few balloon animals and having your head so far up Dux’s and Bohdi’s asses that you think you live in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory…


    • Yeah…John Wayne Gacy used to put on clown shows for kids and he sodomized and murdered 33 boys…with all that talk of people lining up to give you a sucking, you’re starting to fit the profile a little to closely for comfort.


  3. Wow..! You will write anything in your fucked up head huh. Interesting John Wayne Gacy has never never been as famous as ThunderChicken the skydiving clown, magician, and hot air balloonist. Where have you been..? You need to do some more researching before you go spewing your stupidness here in public..

    Now let’s get back to buying your book for posterity. Do I send you the money or do I send it to Amazon ? Do you take PayPal? Credit card, debit card ? Give me the poop or are you afraid.



  4. David Hatfield out of Columbus Ohio, is a fraud. His organization has nothing to do with American Ji Do Kwan, Which was created by Sensei Fuzy out of Lorian, Ohio.
    David Hush out of Marion Ohio is also a fraud. He was under Hatfield. He opened a school up teaching Shorinji Kempo but was only a yellow belt. Sensei Roger Rayburn out of Marion shut him down. Rayburn kicked Hatfield out of his school years ago. Hush reopened later under Hatfield as 3rd degree. Rayburn contacted Hatfield complaining that Hush never Black Belted under him. Hatfield pulled Hushes credentials but still is associated with him. Now Hush has reopened as a 4th degree in Kukki Taekwondo Ji Do Kwan. A 3rd degree in American Kwan Bup. He claims to have been in the Martial Arts for 40 Years. And he is only 43. He claims to be the 2015 Ohio kick boxing champion. Mr Lordus Sapien please investigate David Hush


  5. Hey, Mr. 5th Dan Kukkiwon in a monkey mask ? You know who you are. 🙂 I have been reading 117 filed Court Dockets in the Lake County, Florida Courtroom with Lordus Sapiens name all over the place as a Defendant with the doctor bearded mantis Dugas. The Judge (way over there in Florida) wants to know who you really are and what is your real name and address? I thought you wrote that no Judge would want your ass intrastate way out in Spokane, Washington jurisdictions.

    Now the way this really works out in Florida..? Dale Dugas is a Florida Defendant with your name (who ever you are, where ever you sit) in a lawsuit also, period. “Remember… Here Comes the Judge” ? Dale Dugas will have to present you (a real person) or the Judge will throw out everything that has to do with Lordus’ somebody bloviating. Same with the sissies over on Greysmith nobody. PooF. After that, what does Duggie have as his defence? Just the hollowed out corpse of two fake named bloggers, like you, not allowed.

    All this is covered in the I.M.M.I. on Iceland. https://thisainthell.is/?page_id=1196


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